Delivery and Shipping

     Shipping costs are based on your order quantity and the shipping method you choose. We offer an extensive variety of shipping options, the respective battery regulation and estimated time of arrival of which are available in the comparison chart below.

Shipping OptionRemovable Battery AllowedBuilt-in Battery Allowed18650 Battery AllowedEstimated Shipping Time
AramexYesNoNo5-9 days
DHLYesYesNo4-7 days
EMSYesNoNo15-30 days
FEDEXYesYesNo4-9 days
TNTYesYesNo5-9 days
UPSYesYesNo3-7 days
Japan Exclusive LineYesYesNo3-5 days
Europe Exclusive LineYesYesNo9-15 days
HongKong Exclusive LineYesYesNo2-4 days
Vietnam Exclusive LineYesYesNo3-5 days
UPS Exclusive Line for CellsNoNoYes3-7 days
Japan/South Korea Exclusive Line for CellsNoNoYes3-5 days
Australia/New Zealand ExclusiveLine for CellsNoNoYes5-9 days
Europe Exclusive Line for CellsNoNoYes9-15 days
USA FEDEX Exclusive Line for CellsNoNoYes8-10 days
Russia ExpressYesYesYes14-25 days
Belarus ExpressYesYesYes14-25 days
Kazakhstan ExpressYesYesYes14-25 days