About Vapes-wholesale

Vapes-wholesale, a professional e cigarettes & accessories wholesale transactions platform online, strives to provide our customers with a safe and convenient shopping experience. Our warehouse is located in Shenzhen, China. We are dedicated to delivering factory sales products directly and the highest quality services to our business partners. At same time, we provide OEM processing services for brands and retailers who need to create personalized vapes products.

Mission Statement​

Vapes-wholesale aims at building a 24-hour online shopping mall with a wide range of products, customized purchasing plan, reliable supply chain, personalized service and long-term after-sales tracking. Through comprehensive data analysis and extensive services, we focus on solving the various problems our customers may encounter during their cross-border purchases.

Our Expertise

 Customization: We keep a record of your historical purchases and make suggestions for future purchases based on both your preferences and the market trend in your interest areas

     Reliable supply chain: We provide up-to-date information on every shipping schedule to ensure precise delivery time and maximum customer satisfaction

     Efficiency: Our powerful one-stop online shopping system makes your purchasing process simple and efficient

Our Manufactory Capcity

Vapes-wholesale, Appoints in OEM e-cigarette service for 6 years, Long-term Cooperation with brand sellers, wholesaler, strongly trader in USA, Canada, Britan, France, Germany…
We have Rich OEM experience in every side, included: dab pen batteries, refillable vape cartridges, USB chargers, different packages…
Our team also customize & ODM service on vapes or packages, professional Designers can fulfill your creative ideas.
And we are cooperating with a larger powerful printing company who has the best and newest printing machine. We supply the low quantity CBD vapes cartridges custom packaging, brand and white lable logo laser carving etc service.
Our maim aims is to focus on customers satisfy! Just contact us back if any personalized need, you will be sure to get top quality, exquistive craft, comeptitive price, great service.